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SECORE on Ocean Mysteries

If you didn't catch it, Jeff Corwin and Ocean Mysteries did an episode on the SECORE project in Curacao. Preview [url=http://www.littonweekendadventure.com/ocean-mysteries/episode/the-endangered-coral-of-curacao/]here[/url]. As a former SECORE member, and having been to the lab, I'm happy to see this get some mainstream recognition. There is a lot of work that has gone into the project, and it seems to be paying off, little by little. More information about SECORE can be found [url=http://www.secore.org/site/home.html]here[/url]

Elkhorn coral is pretty much the king of all coral. I took these pictures in 10' of water. They get blasted with PAR values of 2000+, and the current is unbelievably intense. This is one of the best remaining palmata stands in the world. When healthy, these grow .5 mm a DAY, and these were about the size of smart cars.




check your TV guides for repeat broadcasts if interested!

These corals are amazing to see In person

Thanks for the post, that was some great reading and Videos!!!

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