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RBTA propagation

When I first got the anemone 6 months ago.
About a month in.
About 4 and a half months in.
5 month mark, right before cut.
Immediately after cut in separate container to heal.
One week after cut, starting to recover and seal up the hole.
#1 anemone yesterday, about a month after the cut.
#2 anemone today.

Both anemones have healed very quickly and #2 is hosting my clowns. Both are excepting food readily and are almost completely healed from the cut.

Holy crap you got bigger coca nuts than me I wouldn't have tried that lol. I'm glad to see they both doing good and you didn't just kill it off..

And the "bulbs" still look great! nice!

I spent in total probably in the ball park of two weeks just reading up on this over the last year. Their bubble tips are actually bubbling up perfectly right now, no sweeper tentacles at all.

I'm jealous lol

WOW!! That's crazy!!

I want one !

Will eventually be finding new homes for them but right now im more interested in testing the abilities to heal and how long scar tissue takes to fully recover.

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