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Anemone Finally Healed!!!

This Anemone found its way into a powerhead a while back. It was my fault because I for got to feed it for a while so it moved and I found it in a tiny ball wrapped up inside the pump. I had to cut about 1/3 of it off to get it out. It went into hiding for 3 months and finally came out into the open as seen in the first picture-completely white/transparent.

First appearance after 3 months of hiding.

3 months later, as seen on far right, regaining color

about 2 months later- today, fully healed and full color

That's cool. I have one RBTA healing right now. It became a mush. In a week it has developed tentacles white in color with pink foot and another week developed a mouth and bulbs in tentacle. It's still hanging in darker corner.

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