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Innovative Marine 4g Pico

I just got an amazing deal on this tank. 1/3 of retail cost. It is brand new, in the box. Anyways, I am thinking of setting this up as a small LPS tank. I have many years of experience in the hobby with just over one year with corals.

I was wondering if anybody has experience with this tank that can offer any suggestions or tips.

I have "kept" a 2 gallon pico before. I think the challenges with a tank that small are flow, what surface disruption, and top-off. It can be tempting to push the limits with a tank that small but they can certainly make great displays with some attention detail.

From the looks of your signature it seems like you already maintain a few tanks, so you are familiar with some of the unique challenges of maintaining smaller systems. Just keep in mind those challenges will be magnified proportionately in the pico set-up.

Good luck and keep us updated ๐Ÿ™‚

I recommend getting a little cheap temp probe just to keep an eye on fluctuations.. And a heater controller would be a great investment. picos also require daily top off in most cases to keep salinity solid. Like zoomer said with some special care picos are awesome.



My 2.5 nano diy ato,diy led dimable,diy skimmer. :woohoo:

To make your life a little easier, I would figure out an auto top off system for it especially if you are going to keep corals. There are a lot of DIY options out there even for a small tank.

That is amazing that your clown has taken host in GSP. I have never seen that before!

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