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Mysid Shrimp?

When I change out my filter socks, I usually shake it out into a bucket to see what kind of critters were in there. This time, along with a bunch of Amphipods, there was a small shrimp.

I know it is not the best picture, but could this be a Mysid Shrimp? My cleaner shrimp keep spawning but I can't imagine any of them would survive

It kind of looks like a mysis but have you ever put ghost shrimp into your tank?

Either way..good stuff to have.

Thats a pretty cool thing to run into, by far not a bad thing that I can think of.

[quote="Juice" post=23051]It kind of looks like a mysis but have you ever put ghost shrimp into your tank?[/quote]
I found it in my quarantine tank. I put a few freshwater ghost shrimp in there about 6 months ago when I was trying to get a puffer to eat. I've had 5 other fish go through quarantine since then, so even if it somehow surived that long, I'm sure it would've gotten eaten by now. Plus, the ghost shrimp I put in there were over 1" long and this one is only about 1/2".
I pulled some huge amphipods out at the same time that were almost 1" long. I also found some mini brittle starfish today in my other refugium. So today one step forward, hopefully I don't have two steps backwards tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜†

Looks like mysids to me. I've had tanks where they would reproduce like other microfauna, and just "appeared."

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