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sea slug

So I'm thinking about getting a slug... anyone have any luck with them? There isn't much info on them either... I'm thinking about getting the Black-Margined Nudibranch . They just look oddly cool.

they look neat but I have never tried one or known anyone who has I'm sorry I hope someone with experience in them chimes in

i did not have a very good experience with them i had a lettuce nudibranch they are easily sucked into overflows and power heads. IME they are not meant for home aquaria, unless you were to provide the right conditions for example a sponge filter like you would use for new born fry. I had one in a a biocube with just a 350 gph pump and no power heads, even that was to much current for it.. Hope this helps

I just put a large Black Sea cucumber in my puffer on Sunday around noon. Come 4:30 my puffer and lawnmower blenny were dead. I dnk what happened, cucumber is still alive.

There is no documented information regarding nudibranch diets, and most are short lived anyway. A lot are also toxic, hence the bright colors, and can crash tanks if they die. Plus most fish/inverts will pick at their frilly appendages. Overall, not really worth it, IMO.

This is all great info, well the lessons learned here Sea Slug should be in a tank alone.

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