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The longest 3 days of my life.

I was living in midtown with my fish and my lease was up.
I wasn't allowed to move into my new place until the 29th and I had to be out of the old place on December 1st.
On top of having this little amount of time to move all my furniture, belongings and most importantly, my fish,
I also only had my gf helping me (love her) and I had to work every day I was working.
My schedule was:
Wake up at 8, move as much as I could, go to work at 11, get off at 7, move as much as I could again.
I moved 170 gallons and over 40 fish across town with two people.

I wanted the clowns to have a new system (the old one wasn't efficient) so I had to move them, leave them in bags, plumb the new system (i needed the pumps and heaters from the old system) and fill it in one night.
I was up until 5AM every morning.
Here is my new clownfish system!
It was worth the work!

Looks great. The things we do for this "hobby" are at times mind blowing.

Them are some long days! Glad things are working out well thus far ๐Ÿ™‚

between this and your lagoon tank you are starting, you have a lot of work going on. Looks great and I hope everyone came out with as little stress as possible.

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