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Jdiefenbaugh - wonderful service

So this had been long overdue. I have to thank jdiefenbaugh for the impeccable service he has provided in helping me set up my dream tank. I just went through a long post on reef central on somebody setting up a 635 gallon system and most of his post are about how he was screwed by the local fish store guy in ny. It made me realized how many hundreds of things can go wrong in setting up a large system and the money loss potential is huge.

So having gone through lot of posts of setting up large display tank systems here are few of the things i am grateful. Finding a great tank, with a whole setup including sump, skimmer (that i discarded), stand, skin, frag tank and stand; and at an unbeatable price And then willing to go with me to bring it back from st. louis. I mean seriously who does that anymore, talk about service. For doing an impeccable plumbing, i mean the tank runs dead silent and i am talking about 50 feet of plumbing with 1200 GPH of flow. I have the right unions at right places and right valves. He knew i was staying on budget and yet he knew i would not skim on what is the right thing to do. A perfect balance was achieved that can only come from huge experience. For letting me run wild with my ideas on LED and not sell me on something i would hate later. (lol i think i converted him to Maxspect also). And the right guidance along every step of the way (countless things like right sand, right way to cycle, quarantine tank, refugium and what not). And keeping me away from all the crazy impulsive ideas, each one when i looked back I was glad i avoided. Its great to learn from mistakes but its even better to have never done them :).

And what i appreciate the most is that i can just text him when i have a question and get the right answer. Which was just proven today to be better than reading 1000 pages of posts on internet forums (took a pic of the algae breakout i had, texted him and got a solution that worked right away; that was after spending 2 days on internet trying to figure out a fix, lol).

(Conflict of interest: Nope i have not been paid, asked or made to write this post. He is not even aware of it. I just thought i should give credit where its due.)

Jdiefenbaugh is no doubt an expert. I know for me, any time he posts here on the forum I am sure to read it. He always delivers the reasoning behind an answer - and that is where real insight is gained. It is not surprising at all to hear that his services reflect the same spirit πŸ™‚

Thanks for the kind words! Just happy to be able to help.

Just read that one ^ too πŸ™‚

that is great that you had that type of experience helping you on everything I'm glad to see we do have great people on this site thanks for giving the Feed back

+1 for Jason. Extremely knowledgeable and a great asset to the hobby.

I got to meet him yesterday.
Forgot to ask for an autograph :p

But really, I always feel like I'm bugging him, but he just knows so damn much I can't help but go to him for questions.

Inspiration at its finest.

It's true, trading 12 years of my time for minimum wage at retail fish stores and public aquariums earns fame, fortune, and the occasional mortal enemy on local forums.

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