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Green Hair Algae!!!!


What testing method? This is actually a large variance. You are aiming for 0.04 - 0.07. Anything higher will start to cause algae blooms, one of which is annoying hair algae. Remove as much as you can by hand, scrub the rock out of the tank if possible, add CUC and water changes. Good luck!

I'm facing the same issue in one of my tanks. It is caused from too much nitrates and phosphates in the water. This is what I am doing to try to fix it:

-weekly or semi-weekly 25% water changes
-added snails, and hermits
-turned down lighting 50%
-added 2nd Protein Skimmer
-running skimmers extra wet
-pulling out as much as I can by hand (a good way to export the nutrients)
-added a Lawnmower Blenny
-added more light on refugium

I haven't seen algae of any sort except coraline since adding an algea scrubber...

One thing I should have mentioned, while a misconception is that only water changes will solve the problem over time, you MUST have a multi solution approach. The skimmer should be a great start. Unfortunately, water changes alone will help, but never be a full solution. It will help early, but will be a major battle as you get deeper into the strategy as you are fighting the fact that you are reducing it less each time because of dilution. Also, most salts will have a trace of phosphates in them (even if they claim they don't) so you will just be pulling some out and putting others in.

Again good luck! And you are not alone, this is a battle all salt water hobbyists have fought on many occasions!

To piggy-back off of what Tim said, in addition to strict schedule of water changes be sure to be mindful of how much you feed your tank. As that food breaks down it becomes a nutrient that helps algae grow. Choch also mentioned syphoning out detritous when doing water changes, get a large baster and blow the detritous off/out of your rocks just prior to syphoning for a water change too.

So far I have seen alot of good suggestions. Good Reef Practices dictate most of these actions, i.e. water changes, light cycle, PO4 control, etc. Raising Mg++ can assist in GHA demise as well. At the risk of suggesting a treatment for the symptom and not a cure for the problem, I have used Algaefix Marine with excellent results on my mixed reef. I was able to kill off much of the GHA, and what didn't die completely, became loose enough that it sloughed off the rock quite easily. The CUC could get ahead of things at that point. It took a couple of weeks, but it hasn't come back except in one small area by the overflow. If you use it, do read up on the forums about it, as some anecdotal postings have clamed it crashed their tanks and caused other issues like cyano bloom, but I didn't get those. Anyway, good luck with it.


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