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New Order, New Faces

Hey all,

If you guys don't already know me I am Ben Klahn formally from Petco Aquatics. I recently joined the Ruff Waters team and will be here full time. I've just placed an order here at the shop and it is going to be a great one, a lot of great specimens are going to be coming in! As you all know we are open this Saturday 10am to 3pm for our Super Saturday so don't forget to bring your friends, family and fish requests. I'm looking forward to meeting some new reefers and hope to see some of my regulars heading over to Ruff. I'll see you all this Saturday!

Alright Ben, you were all always attentive at Petco and took the time to listen and to get to know customers such as my self, i will see you saturday at Ruff waters! I will placing an order for a red margin Fairy wrasse. . . Chris

Congrats on the move, I am sure I will see you there.

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