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I could never get boiling water to work. They always shriveled up but always came back. Maybe I just didn't use enough, but I was afraid of damaging nearby corals.

I use a needle and a syringe full of hot water. Inject it right into them and they melt. The joys of working in the medical profession and being a reefer!

After u use boiling water ur suppose to suck them out they become very loose and u can suck the whole thing off the rock

Most of the commercial options are probably going to be the same or close to the chemicals Jason mentioned. IMO, a waste of money when kalk, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, etc are so cheap.

I have a high powered laser and it's biggest advantage is being able to pinpoint certain spots that are otherwise hard to reach, like an aiptasia growing on the side of a rock you can't easily see from the top. Also, it's kinda fun to do ๐Ÿ™‚ It's still going to be extremely hard to eradicate though, so you just have to follow the "kill on site" rule to stay ahead of them. My results with kalk pasting them has been pretty good. Especially when they are in patches and not too close to corals. It will nuke everything on rock in that spot. Kalk works best when you have a good top-down view and access to them. I've also used the glue method with good results, but that's really only useful if you can pull the rock

I've tried lemon juice, kalk paste, and purchased a majano wand. They all worked a little bit and would keep things in check temporarily, but they always returned with a vengeance if I wasn't diligent in keeping up on them. and sometimes they would just be in places that I couldn't easily get to.

Bought some peppermint shrimp and they cleaned the tank up nicely. I have a few aiptasia left that are huge and the shrimp won't touch, but no new ones ever seem to crop up. I assume the shrimp eat the little ones, but are afraid of the big boys.

I have a lot of aiptasia in my overflow as well, so I don't think I'll ever be able to permanently rid my tank of them, but shrimp do a good job of keeping them in check.

knock on wood I gave only ever had one that I got from a fellow reefer here on a rock tigrtraps lol

I have had luck with both peppermint shrimp, and injecting them with muriatic acid. For the acid I pulled out the rock and would inject the aiptasia, and it would pretty much completely disolve them. A quick dip in tank water in a bucket and back into the tank. It never completley eradicated them, but the peppermint shrimp keep them in check.

I have used(with success) weak HCl and a syringe and needle. This method is best used for very small outbreaks
of aiptasia only.

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