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Well I'm getting a little annoyed of these little guys. I gave them lemon juice. Seems to do the job but it just stuns them. I heard of Joe's juice but it doesn't have the best reviews on them. I read about peppermint shrimp but it seems they wouldn't get along with my flame shrimps. So i wanted to get some input in your guys experience with these.

petco actually had this stuff I believe it's aptasia x Orr close to that I know it works great

I've used aiptasia X with mixed results.
One tank would be eliminated while the others would reproduce.

If you have a ton of hungry peppermints they'll rip through them quickly, but like you said you have the fire shrimp.
I'm not positive on their attitude towards them.

when i get them in clownfish system, since its fish only, I just do hypo and they die out.

Petco stop selling them...

not in cb I just seen it there

Lucky I called both petco in lincoln and they said they stop carrying it.

What all is the aptasia on

Under my brain coral and on random rocks in the tank. With zoa mushroom and stuff like that

I use aptasia x aand they go away for a couple weeks but always pop back out

I've herd boiling water works to. I've never personally tried but i actually might tonight

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