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Anemone vs Power head


That's crazy



GBTA still alive?! I couldnt get to the biggest chunk after it got shredded so I just left it in there and hoped it would just deteriorate naturally. Now its inflating and deflating like its still alive and also trying to move. It also looks like its trying to heal what was left of its mouth and grow new tentacles, I just cant get any pictures of that part cause its still in a bad spot and facing the back of the tank. What do you guys think? Am I getting my hopes up for nothing?

I think you might be getting a healing anem. They split all the time, so as long as there is a foot and a mouth, I think you should be good. I don't know much about anems though, but if it is acting like say a baby anem, then I would assume its all good. I have had crazy things come back to life in my tank. 3 1/2 weeks of almost complete darkness and I lost everything. 3 months later I finally fix my lights, and a rainbow montipora that was in the first 15% of my stock to die, pops up out of nowhere.

I really hope so, it's color changes in unison with my healthy Rbta. I'm figuring if it can live through the shredding it should be able to recover, since the worst is passed.

[quote="saltyfish" post=21450]I had the same thing happen about 6 months ago. After I cut it out of the powerhead, it hid behind all of my rocks for several months. It finally came out about two months ago and is just now barely starting get some of its color back. I thought I had lost it for sure, so maybe yours will heal itself also. It was large and completely red before the incident. It also wouldn't accept food until this week. Here are pictures of the before and after.



Mine has done the same thing recently because he has been a dumbass and went and hid behind rocks.

I wish mine would of showed back up he went behind the rocks and I never seen him again ๐Ÿ™


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