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Brain coral

Just wanted to share, I know it's nothing special. I'm not sure what the growth rate is for these but I bought it about the size of two golf balls and after two months he's about the width of a soft ball.


Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

You can't complain there

What lighting, flow, and how deep is your water column? I have a similar one and would love to know what you do to keep it looking healthy.

I used a Coralife compact fluorescent for a while then I just switched to a Al09 Taotronics fixture that has actually made my corals grow pretty well across the board. My water flowrate is about 990 gph and the tank is about 18 inches deep. This new light fixture has given it better color and size then anything else I think. It would never fully expand or get much more then an off red color with the Coralife. I also spot feed most of my corals with marine snow, brine, and mysis usually twice a week.

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