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White Horshoes Crab

During my visit to Aqua Pets I saw two lovely little white horseshoe crabs and was tempted on snatching one or both of them but question is are they reef safe? Are they white because they are juveniles? I was told they max 1 year in captivity, they are mainly detritus feeders (sand sifters), and that they are reef safe. what do you think? They looked exactly liked the pic

I had one in my reef tank named scooter. No problems at all.
Lived for about 6 months. Spent a lot of time in the sand.
It was cool coming into the room and seeing him running across the bottom.
The species in the aquarium trade (I don't know the different names) stays small unlike the Atlantic ones that get huge!
Cool little critters

So its cool with other inverts even when it gets big?

There reef safe but get big despite what people may tell u they get huge

It's very rare for them to get big.

But they can become monsters!

This is true cause they usually don't servive long enough but I was just saying that because i have been on sites were they say the only get 3 to 4 inches wich is not true

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