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flat worm rx

It sucks don't waste your money they go nuts they just don't die

I've found we had to double up the dose when we treated at the store. We tried Flatworm Exit and had to do the same thing.

Ya but at 25 bucks a pop that stinks my system takes the whole bottle I ended up taking everything out and rinsing them in Rodi water and they came off

You can buy levamisole hydrochloride from most ag supply stores (pig/poultry dewormer) or on ebay in the powder form. Dose is 2 mg/L, reef safe and kills all flatworms in a couple hours. I am 99.9% sure it is the same chemical as what is in flatworm Rx and flatworm exit, but <1/10th the cost. Over 4 mg/L you'll kill your seastars and stress out your snails, so make sure you have an accurate scale. I think the aquarium companies list a low dose so you don't cook your stars/snails, FYI.

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