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Multi-Mantis Shrimp Setup

So some of you are aware that I did lose most of my mantis shrimp. Unfortunately my favorite and largest mantis "Chaos" past away about a month ago. I speculate his age had something to do with it. It had been 6 months since he had last molted and the larger they get the more difficult it becomes for them to do so and he had little interest in food as well. A few of my others up and disappeared with no signs of dying or becoming another shrimp's lunch. So I started to look for some new ones a couple of months ago...this week on BlueZoo they had at least a half a dozen mantis shrimp available so I had to get one. Well as any of us know that when it comes to shopping for livestock online, we intend to just buy one item but we end up buying more than we had intended whether it be due to seeing something else we like or free shipping (which ended up being my case this week). So..........today I got a package of 3 new mantis shrimp!!!! All 3 different species, colors and sizes. So time to share some pics!!! :woohoo:

Gonodactylaceus ternatensis - "Sunny"

Sunny is the smallest mantis I received to day. I haven't seen much of him since putting him in the tank. I have a feeling he is going to be a shy one and not be seen often. During acclimation he spent most of his time on his back in a defensive position and shows me he was feeling quick scared.


Gonodactylaceus chiragra - "Luna" short for "Lunatic"

This mantis species has been noted as being the hardest hitting mantis shrimp. During the acclimation process this morning, she was was very energetic splashing water and hitting anything in the bucket. Once she was put in the display tank she has been going to town smashing a rock in the back which I am unable to see her, but everyone in the tank can hear her and are starting to get anxious.


Lysiosquillina maculata - "Shredder"

This by far has been my favorite shrimp arriving this morning. I have been in search of this species for about 6 months and finally found one. Taking several pics of him today and he has already dug himself a home. This species creates a mucus that they use to keep the sand from caving in on them. It only took him about 90 mins to be completely underground. I have plans on feeding him for the first time hopefully on Sunday which I hope to be an exciting show!!!!





are these all in your multi-mantis setup?? I saw the 2 you had in there the other day when I stopped by.
I would LOVE to see Shredder hunt and eat.

[quote="Boggers-Mike" post=26128]are these all in your multi-mantis setup?? I saw the 2 you had in there the other day when I stopped by.
I would LOVE to see Shredder hunt and eat.[/quote]

Yes they are all in the mantis setup.

Damn that is awesome. Good to see you sticking with it even with the loses. I have a green mantis now but want to do some thing similar to your setup in my fuge.

I can tell you his office is filled with nice things, but most mantis do not live that long of a life in aquaria overall.

Always exciting buying more than you intended in this hobby πŸ™‚ I enjoy the names you give your Mantis, I personally don't name my fish but something about naming Mantis Shrimp the names you've chosen just makes sense. I hope you get to enjoy this batch for an exceptionally long time πŸ™‚

Thats awesome man! how are your other tanks doing in the office? you have prob one of the best setup I have seen in town!

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