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Golden Or Blue Midas Blenny?


I have always wanted the golden type and I finally was able to pick one up from the store yesterday. At the time of purchase I didn't know there were two kinds of midas and the only one left had dark coloration but I assumed it was the golden just stressed. This morning I woke up to find it with still what seems to me dark coloration so I did a little research and realized theres a so called "rare" blue type. From the pics whats your opinion is it going to slowly recover color or is it the blue midas?

wheres the pic uploader button?

Pic uploader button is gone. There is a pic link button now. Should look like a kodak picture with a chain link on it.

You will have to use http://www.photobucket.com or http://www.imgur.com to upload the pics. PhotoBucket is easier, imgur is a bit quicker if you know where to click though.

heres a link http://imgur.com/a/WdTjG

He is pretty adorable, I'm not great at identifying this type of fish though.
[img size=600]http://i.imgur.com/ndPv8sUh.jpg[/img]

Looks to me that its stressed, They have a darket patchy coloration when stressed. Blue Midis arnt "Rare" they just dont collect as many because less people want them. They arnt really blue they are more of a darker color. The Midas from different parts of the ocean are different in color as well. The Blue Midis Is yellow in the tail and has a moer blue tinted belly and some times head. But the fish isnt all blue and its more of just a shade of blue over the yellow.

Maldives - Goldish/Yellow
Africa - More Gold
Indonesia - More Yellow

They also Change colors based on what they are doing, While Hiding they will have a Patchy yellow and brown color to Camo themselves (Looks like what yours is doing) Under blue light it looks like blue coloration.
They get very bright while feeding and a bit more dule while just swimming around.

Great fish but caution they enjoy leaping out of the tank!

About how long would it take for it to recover its coloration? And by the way TigrTraps how did you upload the pic?

looks like a blue midas blenny if it didn't get its color back yet......try some color enhancing food and uping daylite lite may be?

I Would Say If It Has Not Colored Up Yet Its A Blue

[quote="roker" post=19455]I Would Say If It Has Not Colored Up Yet Its A Blue[/quote]
Its still the same ๐Ÿ™ I was really hoping it was just stress. I already have a lawnmower in the tank too and by far the two get along fine, its 72gal, but do you think if I added another midas, the actual golden one, Blennymania would break loose?


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