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Another GREAT experience with the staff at Ruff

I haven't had time to post this sooner, but I was finishing filling my 180 that I'm upgrading to and was just shy of having it filled. I remembered that I can get free RO water at the shop and so I made a few trips down to fill up with any and all of my 5 and 10 gallon buckets, some without lids. Christian helped me load those water buckets in my car every time, found me an extra lid and Justin gave me some really good info about his experience with Selcon (which I picked up too). I've said it once and I'll say it again, Scott and his staff ALWAYS are a pleasure to talk to and I feel they always make my needs a priority. I with I was better with names so I could give them the props they all deserve but everyone down there always rocks. ALWAYS.


Thanks for the shout out!
Always glad to help ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Drew!!!

Always a pleasure seeing you down there!!! Two things are always free at Ruff Waters: Advice and Water!!!

Hope to see you this saturday for SUPER SATURDAY (Free pizza and pop, my favorite day to work!!!)


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