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flat worms


Flat Worm Exit will for sure kill the adult flatworms, its pretty dramatic and they need to be sucked out right away. My issue was the newly hatched worms that showed up shortly after treating. You are supposed to treat again after a couple weeks to knock the new ones out, but in my situation the new worms seemed to be resistant to Flat Worm Exit as it took a lot more to kill them, and still a few lived on. My plan B was a Melanarus wrasse that never ate a single one...

My melanarus got rid of my flat worms and put a hurting on my brittle star population. I had a ton in my live rock now just a handful.

WelL Its Opening Upagain NOt All The Way Yet But Getting There

get a six line wrasse.........I had flat worms and then a got a six line wrasse and it ate all them in two weeks!

I Think I Will Next Week

Told ya Roker .

You Hush It Old Man And CoMe Fix my Truck


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