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Clown Goby Ich

I just bought two yellow clown gobys and put them in my tank and then noticed they have ich...I had a clown goby before and it had ich too, it would have days with no ich and other days it would be covered then it went missing. How can I treat it with out removing them form the reef tank? Ive been feeding then flake food with garlic and raised the temp to 80*F and was wondering if there was any thing else I could do without taking them out of the tank and that wont hurt inverts and corals.

I've always had fresh water tanks and have treated fresh water ich alot.....but im alittle new to salt water tanks and new to treating salt water ich. :blink:

If you can figure out how to treat ich in a reef tank, you could be a rich man ๐Ÿ˜‰

...............................so theres nothing I can do? What should I do?


Qt tank is the best option, but if u don't have that option raise temp to 83-84. And I have used melafix and had no problems w corals. FYI turn skimmer off if u go that route! If u use a qt tank Cupramine. Or check these out http://saltaquarium.about.com/od/ichparasiticdiseases/tp/tpparasitemedications.htm

Chem Marin Chem-Marin sounds like it gets the job done. Regarding the life cycle of ich, won't the ich still be in the system and eventually re-attach its self to the fish? The instructions call for a 5 day treatment, but doesn't ich (and their eggs) take 40 days to die off? Is this medication a booster for the fishes immune system to help them resist future infection?

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