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Did something stupid


Thank you dbhatti! I will try this because I may as well take a complete loss rather than spend more money on gas! I will try this later tonight and maybe an iodine dip?

Avoid dips. They are intended either for freshly fragged corals or when concerns about infestations. In short term they actually stress out the coral. I would avoid any reason to stress it out more. Leaving it be with a rock stable tank parameters is the best bet. Any other stress might just kill it (going all white) like swing in temperature, alkalinity, pH and salinity.


you might wanna check in the dark if the polyps are coming out and feed them if they do.

Best to keep it out of the light! I would not give up untill it is completely white.

[quote="Zoafreak" post=18704]I would not give up untill it is completely white.[/quote]
I do not have any experience with non-photosynthetic but I agree with Zoa on this. I've had a few frags I thought were for sure dead come back to life.

No polyps ever showed up and i never saw anything in it, but ill try! Thanks guys!

Keep feeding them for a week like that and if they don't start coming out a little... Anyways, I neglected mind for a long time and the kind looked like that. I had to basically shove food down their throat for almost 5 days before they started coming back. Within two weeks tho they were trying to eat my cleaner shrimp again. Keep feeding them and they will multiply fast, soot off spawn and get big and flowery. Once you get them eating they are really not that hard to keep.


Thats so beautiful! I would love to get good at keeping them, they have always been my favorite coral to study and learn about.
Beautiful piece!

After looking, 2 or 3 heads still have mouths in there, so i put a piece of mysis shrimp in there, while it is in my refugium. Fingers crossed!

Dont know if this is the same but I have a chile coral that likes the same conditions. I believe the biopellets I have running in the system have made a huge differance. Went on vacation for two weeks and had other people feeding the tank. I forgot to mention the chile but when I returned no noticable differance. So I decided to hold off any special feeding to see if I noticed any down turn. 4 months later and not one bit different. Would not recomend this if you are nursing it back to health but I will have biopellets up and running for sure on any tank with any non photo corals.


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