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Does anyone have a lot of experience with ich and its trademarks? It sounds like something I should know more about. Are there any general identifiers and trademarks for this that I should look for aside from just white spots? Also what would be the best route to take in curing a fish that has it?

As you've likely read about;frequent scratching against the sand or rocks. The white spots are there one day, gone the next, and back again the day after that. Let's see, in instances of high infection the fish will have rapid and shallow breathing, which causes general stress and the fish may not eat as well or will hide in a corner.

The thing with ich is treat it right away. I can guarantee most of us here have lost fish to ich, and we either thought it would be ok to wait to see how bad it would get, or we tried a treatment someones cousins uncle swore up and down worked for them.

Ich has to be treated with copper. There are other ways, but ignore them. Those other ways suck. Put the fish in a separate tank for an absolute minimum of 4 weeks, keep the copper level stable and use a copper test kit to make sure it is. Feed your fish, keep their stress as low as possible, and wait. Ich sucks ๐Ÿ™

Here is a good read on [url=http://www.newagereefs.com/forum/16-fish-disease-a-treatment/112-marine-ich]Ick[/url] B)

Thanks guys.

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