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Heisenberg needs help!


Long story short, I was a fool and decided not to quarantine my fish before introducing them to the breeding system..
They ended up with early signs of ich (scratching gills on EVERYTHING)
They are eating very well and show no white spots at all.
However, It's been going on for awhile now and isn't getting better.

I installed a massive UV sterilizer to my system to help the free floaters.

I have decided I am going to set up hospital tanks and do hypo on the main system for 6 weeks.

If any one can lend me tanks for borrow that you aren't using I would be more than appreciative.

PM sent.

I drive into omaha every day from east of council bluffs till saturday then im out for a week. Ive got a 10gal you can use.

Thank you for all the responses.
Sorry I haven't replied to all yet, I've been doing a ton of reading.

Before I decide to hospitalize the fish, I wanted to make sure I have ich.

Since there are no white spots, just itching, I wanted to test everything first.

I found that my ph is low. VERY low. While my dkh is normal.

What would be a good way to bring it up safely?

Do you have good agitation on your water surface?

You could do a water change and use a buffer that raises pH

I have seen this problem on other websites especially in winter when doors and windows are usually closed. Carbon dioxide buildup in the house. A solution I've seen outside of a buffer is using an air pump drawing air from outside and place the other tube so it's bubbling in your sump.

I believe too much livestock can also cause problems.

Question, how are you checking your pH, and if it's a probe have you calibrated it recently

Yup that's works great brought my ph up over night

Using a meter.
Calibrated today.

I was thinking of running an inlet house out the window for the skimmer.

I was reading that low ph can make fish scratch.

My life would be a million times better If its just ph problems.

I've tried large water changes and still get a lot of scratching

Do u have alot of cyano by chance .

I do not.

One thing that puzzles me is,
About a week or two ago, one of my fish quit eating and got very very skinny and lazy. Breathing hard and wouldn't even try to eat.

No white spots ever appeared.

Now, she's fat as can be and eats like a pig and breaths well but still scratches


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