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March Overflow Tank Deals


It's been a while since our last post and we wanted to extend some of the March Sales we have.

[b]All-Glass 120 Dual Overflow (48"x24"x24")[/b]

Black Tank, Pine Stand, Glass Canopy, Proflex 4 Sump, Megaflow Overflow Accessory Kit

[b]Only $1110 !!![/b]


[b]Perfect 125 Dual Overflow (72"x18"x22") [/b]*Overflow Plumbing Included

Black Tank, Pine Stand, Glass Canopy, Proflex 4 Sump

[b]Only $1115 !!![/b]

*Installation deals available
*All orders are pre-pay
*Orders must be placed by Monday 3/24/13


[b]Reef Crystals, 200 Gallon Box

Only $39.99[/b]


[b]Reverse Osmosis Water Coming soon. As low as $.20/per gallon![/b]

*Questions? call the store at 402-391-4126

Reef ready tanks, RO water, you guys gonna be stocking saltwater soon?

Throw in a free puppy with every reef ready tank and we may talk...

Nice deal on the salt UN heard of now days

A new type of dogfish ya? ๐Ÿ™‚ In time we will expand into salt, all in the natural flow of things. Trying to knock out neccessities first. Our dogs and other pets allows us to give great inventory deals though.

How'd you know I've put my dog in my fish ta........oh. Yea that'd be cool to have another saltwater store, seems like everybody is running through their inventory already.

Too funny. Doesn't everybody put their dogs in their tank? My wife said the dogs jumped in there themselves just to try to get my attention. I guess she thinks my fish get more attention?


Ahahahahaha!, that made my night. They don't look unhappy, you must be keeping their tanks pH stable.

That's awesome I've also put my dog in my tank.

Im jelious i can't have a dog lmfao

Nice deal on salt indeed. Question I have is that the store in Iowa doesn't have the same prices as the store on dodge st... Being a chain I thought they would keep the same deals?


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