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New 75 gallon

Sweetness. I saw that you were worried that nothing would host your condys. I had just happened to pick one up from Aquapets hoping that my maroon clown would move to that part of the tank and host it, and maybe leave my sandbend and future LPS alone for once. Super stoked that it worked. Bought the Condy 2 hours before lights out last night, and Mr Wilson (the mean ole SOB Maroon) was hosting it when I got back. So a maroon will host it, but it is a definite trade off cuz they are mean and like to bite and throw coral at you!

P.S. My Chevron looks incredibly stoned out of his mind in this picture!


Wow that's shocking

lol. Had the condys for a couple of days and to no avail neither pair have hosted. 3 sleep on the sandbed and one sleeps in top left corner. I did witness last night my green tip condy tried to eat my emerald crab. It gave up after awhile. He was pretty tough.

Now Next question. I bought an eshopp psk 75 HO skimmer. I have been tinkering with this damn thing for days. It continues to over flow in my collection cup. I took the top off and all night it ran ok and seemed to settle except for this morning. It started overflowing with the cap off. I took it in the aquapets and in his tank ran just fine. I am not dosing and meds in my tank. Any suggestions?

A skimmer can take 1 to 3 weeks to be broken in, and dialed in. Mine overflowed and was worthless the first week. Now at week 3 I get a nice dry skimmate and it never overflows. For now you can try running it 'low' so it is maybe a half inch from the collection cup. After a few days check it, if it hasn't risen on it's own then turn it up a very tiny amount and then check it again after 24 hours.

update 03/22

Performed my first water change yesterday. Change 7.5g. Salinity is not were I would like it to be .023 - .024 would like it to be closer to .025. Other than that things are looking good. Protein Skimmer is not working as it should. Nice skimmate. Not bubbling over. Condys are full bloom. Duncan waving like crazy. Pair of Ocellaris and Pair of Percula's are exploring more. rightn now I have a slime algae. I am dialing in my lights to about 9 to 10 hours.

Hopfully tomorrow I can have the guys at Fish Freaks come out and drill and install my sump. Wish me luck.

Well I have been back and forth on wether I should keep the tank on not. Well this is what I decided.




I have some pretty good videos can't seem to upload them. Duncan has over 25 heads now. Green BTA, rose BTA, war coral, purple duncan, metallic green duncan, trumpet coral, sun coral, dendro,

Coral beauty, bicolor rabbit, 4 clowns, dragon goby.

More pics soon.

More pics more pics! Fantastic growth on that duncan. Glad you decided to keep the tank as well.

Recused the sun coral a month ago for $5. Dendro was closed for awhile only one head coming out. Now three.

New duncan. War coral, rose bubble, trumpet.

New green BTA.

Had to cage my first duncan. Clowns hosting it.

My clown hosted mine to let it play it won't hurt anything it just means it's happy lol

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