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got to love a$$ holes

I made a deal with a guy to buy 4 rbta and to pic them up tomorrow i ask tonight what tinge works best and he sold them out from under me and i was even giving him full asking price talk about a bummer on that i was stoked to get them :angry:

Not cool, but sadly a common practice in online buying.

Ya no kidding hey pm me your number so i can give you a call will ya

PM sent.

Ok thanks I'll send ya a text since its late

So the guy calls me tonight and says if this guy don't come get them do you want them i was still pissed i said no keep them I'll find some else where lol helk with it

So he didn't sell them?

I guess not all of them the way it sounds but once someone screws me I'm not helping them after that on anything lol

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