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Long spine sea urchin sting


Today, I learned the hard way to be careful of sea urchins.
I was aquascaping my reef today, and I reached behind a rock and took a black spine to the tip of my finger.
It broke off in my finger in multiple places
I was in agonizing pain for about 30 minutes
It felt like it was vibrating in my finger.
I soaked it in hot soapy water and hydrogen peroxide for awhile.
I took a needle and dug the spine out. It took quite some time.
Parts of the barb are still in my finger but it does not hurt anymore.
I may soak it in vinegar too.

Be careful long spine sea urchin owners!

Signed, very humbled reef keeper

Ya they're a blast. Missed an exit point diving, so I had to surface and get out where it was pretty unsafe. I got scraped across the rock by the waves a few times. Once I was clear of the wave break, I look down to find my legs covered in broken spines. Eh, a bad day diving is still better than a good day at work.

Damn. That sounds miserable. How many barbs did you get? Did you get medical treatment?

I know they have a bacteria on their spines but I'm not sure of the seriousness of urchin stings.

It hurts but I'm not worried about it much.

Also, where were you diving?

Get the barbs out. You will get an infection. Have had issues while diving and surfing in Hawaii. More painful if infection sets in.

I got as much as I could out right after it happened. There is not much more I can do without seeking medical attention.
I soaked the wound is hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.
I used the hydrogen peroxide over and over until it stopped bubbling up

I didn't have too many. I did however give a lot of urchins hair cuts. I think the rocks tore me up more than the urchins did. I think Vinegar only really works with things like jellyfish stings. We would keep some of that in the car for when we got stung. Ah, and this was all in Cura

Man. that sucks sorry to hear that

The vinegar helps inert to bacterial feasting, helps kill the bacteria and ultimately dissolves the spine.
The spine is calcium carbonate which dissolves in vinegar.
Just like that egg shell trick.

But the hot water is really what helped me. It soothed the pain but then it would come screaming back at me.

All is fine today though.

Did you live in Hawaii?

Wow, I bet that hurt extremely bad. I hear it feels like the spine keeps going deeper into your skin.


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