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Tank Move!

What a coincidence, I am actually going to be tearing down the tank to make it possible for new flooring in the house.

Thanks for creating the topic! I'm most likely moving to California in a few months, so I thought people could post how they've managed to move livestock and tanks quickly to help everybody out.

My first question is, does the tank have to re-cycle if you're putting the exact same things in it? I feel like it would kind of just be like taking things out for a bit or doing a water change.

Also, I moved my 29 gal to a different level in the house, I put my livestock and LR in a bucket (a little longer than I wanted) and saved the water in empty water jugs, and did a 25% change. Everybody made it through just fine, it just took a while for things to settle but after a few hours it was all normal!

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