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Algae Id anyone?

Here is the algae in question.

I have never seen that looks like my grape algae but diff lol

That is disc caulerpa. If this is in a reef tank, I would start ripping it out and throwing it in your sump so it only grows down there.
I just fought grape caulerpa (and won) that was smothering corals by ripping it out everyday and throwing it in the sump.

Caulerpa can be a huge nuisance even in your sump as it can potentially go "sexual"...there are lots of threads on it on various forums...I would rip it out completely and just stick with chaeto

But if you want to get rid of it entirely in the first place, it's a good idea to rip as much as you can and put it in sump so the main colony is weak from the phosphate removal inside the sump.
It would be nearly impossible to completely remove caulerpa from the rocks. Especially porous rock as it grows through the rock.

What I was doing was just removing it and throwing it away, but I noticed the caulerpa was spreading still very quickly.
So I decided to start throwing the caulerpa into the sump hoping it would fight with the caulerpa in the DT for phosphates.
Eventually, the caulerpa in the DT was injured and needed more phosphates to survive but the mass amounts of caulerpa in the sump were removing them thus the caulerpa in the DT has turned white and disappeared.
Now, I can remove the caulerpa from the sump as one large clump instead of removing each individual rock and picking at it.

This worked extremely well for me. I beat the caulerpa in one week.

But there are certainly other ways to do so,
I just thought id share my experience with this algae.

I personally like caulerpa in a FOWLR

I'm also trying to get it growing in my clownfish system. It would look great in there and pull phosphates and nitrates like no other!

I keep it in my sump and as long as it stays there I'm fine with it

But it can in fact go sexual and return to the tank.
Mine is doing well in the sump for now so I'm happy!

That's all i have ever had and none has made it to my dt knock on wood

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