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Cleaner shrimp killer

About 3 weeks ago I brought 2 cleaner shrimp home and acclimated them. 3 days later I had one dead,one fine. So last Friday I replaced it. Thought I was in the clear, made it a week with two. Woke up this morning to find one dead again. The bristle worms were working on him, but no signs of major dismemberment. I cannot think its a water issue or else I would have both dead. Could it be my first one is just a killer?

Any help, thoughts, much appriceated.

what else is in the tank?

The only things that I question would be my flame angel, 6 line which is smaller than the cleaners, and the red lipped blenny. I have no other shrimp or crabs. Rest is the stock is large tangs, cardinals, clowns, and dragonettes. 3 bta's. I cannot think of anything else that would make me think of a culprit.


The only other thing I would maybe brittle star, but in that case wouldn't it consume it all or mostly?

Is the original one the one that survived or the new one?

IMO it is the first one. Not 100% but it hangs out in the same spot.

I had that happen on the first ones i bought but when i replaced the one that died i was lucky and they are both still alive

I think it could easily be the 6 line.
Also, you could have an unknown pest in you're aquarium such as fireworms.. I've had bad experiences with fireworms

it could have acclimated poorly. Because one acclimates well, doesn't mean the other will too.

Well thanks. I guess I will be a single shrimp tank. Can't burn $20's like that until I figure it out.

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