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Beefs Reef -- NEGATIVE

Beefs Reef is located in Wisconsin and is seen at a lot of local events such as this past Fall Fest.

Wife & I were at Fall Fest yesturday (11/10/2012) and obviously making our rounds like everyone else. Stopped by "Beefs" booth and was checking a couple things out and we had a few things picked out just wanted to think about it and told him that, which he was totally fine with. As we walk away about 25 feet I hear a "HEY HEY! Wanna put my sticks back?!" I look at him with disgust as I was thinking is this guy for real ("Sticks" were pretty much 12" flourescent pointers, which we BOUGHT from a booth).

Long story short, he accuses us of stealing his "sticks," no questions asked, not even being discrete. Will NEVER purchase a single thing from him. OH..he did try and "apologize," but it's really meaningless when you blast us with a accusation on theft in the middle of the whole floor, did I mention they were being retailed for $3.00 at the event?

Just an FYI to anyone who decides to use these "sticks," they are great as they literally glow under blue lighting, but at an event, how can you accuse people of stealing them when, 1) They are being sold at the event 2) Everyone else is using the same thing. IF I had a booth, I would consider it as a loss and move on, there is no way you can prove who specifically stole them. You can TRY and then LOSE a patron for life.

Ya thats BS I would be pissed to the guy must be desperate to blame over 3 bucks with no proof low lifes

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