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It all started with.. "is that a drip?"

There are certain things that people, like us who have been in this hobby for a while, will instinctively hear. Well this morning I sat down at the computer to read the news and I could hear the faint sound of a sporadic drip. I knew right away this could be a bad day. So I walk over to my tank and sure enough there is a slow drip coming from my bulkhead. At first I thought I would luck out and the bulkhead was just a little loose, but no such luck. Evidently the strain over the years had cracked the nut on the bulkhead. As soon as I touched it the drip turned in to a full blown leak. So... it looks like I will be doing some plumbing today :angry: . The only saving grace is I'm off today...

Oh skip that sucks I'm sorry to hear that but look on the bright side at least it was just the bulk head and not the bottom of the tank or something

I consider you lucky! Wouldn't stuff like that normally happen when you are out of town? To me it does anyways.

You need some help brad? I've already w/c my tank today and I love the smell of cement fumes lol

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