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please help on what this its

This thing is living in a rock I just got from a fellow reefer it has stretched out about 3 inches out of the hole it is white on the bottom and the top its like white and brown stripes need to know if I need to try and get this thing out or what


It is in my small tank so I'm not to freaked about it

looks like a peanut worm. they are freaky looking.

[url=http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/worm/sipuncula/sipuncula.htm]peanut worm[/url]

Should I get it out or leave it?

Well I went to Nas today and showed Joe this pic and he agreed its a peanut worm and Niue I have noticed I have a few of them but Joe says there good so it is staying lol thanks guys

Sorry, didn't subscribe to post.

Like Joe said they are beneficial. You will seem them unroll and chow on junk in the tank.
I was concerned the first time I saw one too.

That's ok thanks alot

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