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Dr Fosters and Smith Order (LINCOLN)

Planning on doing an order on Dr Fosters on Sunday July 8th, i will qualify for free shipping if anybody needs anything to be included, let me know!

Thanks for the heads up, I just had an order from them about a week ago, ill see if i'm needing anything else.

OHH Kevin, why can't you wait until payday! I have several items I want including some buy one get one free foods!!! πŸ™

email me and maybe I have what you need to get by if you can drag your feet.

Any recommendations on food? I originally had some pellets and I just picked up some Mysis Shrimp cubes.

I can drag my feet a bit longer πŸ˜‰ when is pay day? I need to check when the sale date ends on the LED light i was looking at, also thinking about doing an MP10!

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