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My True Perc Finally Found Her Host

After about a month of swimming around the tank, and driving me nuts, for some reason my female perc finally decided to accept my H. Crispa (Sebae) as a host. I was super pumped as this is listed as one of their natural hosts in the wild! Not that it matters much, but there is evidence to suggest that clowns lose color when associating with non-natural hosts.

Of course now, the little porcelain crab will probably be evicted. My little male perc is still too scared to join her.



very cool!...congrats!

Helk ya I know when my extreme black misbar clowns host I was stoked

Congo Rats! Im jealous. Nice pics too!

Beautiful pair! πŸ™‚

One very old post brought back to life. Unfortunately WestO does not have a tank any longer. Still around occasionally. πŸ™‚

Well thats too bad! I was cruising the anemone threads to admire others clowns and anems...

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