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Substrate for future plants

I was doing a little reading online and came across a site that features planted tanks. One of the things they recommended was putting a layer of peat moss underneath your substrate. I guess the theory is that it will provide lots of nutrients for your plants. Anyone ever do this or hear about this before?

When I did my tank i read so many different setups of substrates it's not funny!

I think you can't go wrong with any choice you make, as long as your plants have nutrients - not hard in a planted tank with fish = nitrates... tap water = nitrates and phosphates.. then lights. Add in co2 for leave side food (co2 on when lights on, off while lights off). Plants consume co2 during the day then o2 at night. Fresh water is wayyyy more forgiving than saltwater.

Brad if you want some ideas check out some Takashi Amano s planted tanks and for US look at ADG Aquarium Design Group owners trained by Takashi. ADG is based in Houston.

We really like the Flourite. http://www.seachem.com/support/FAQs/Flourite.html

You can grow plants in just about any substrate, provided you dose nutrients if you go with a inert one. I run Eco-complete in my Co2 planted tank, and regular play sand in my others. Kinda like light it all depends on how fast and thick you want stuff to grow. Lighting will play more of a factor in what you can grow then the substrate will.

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