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One of the coolest corals I have ever seen!

So I was reading this monster thread on RC, no idea why, but came across the massive list of corals, fish etc she was adding to her 720g? tank. Amongst those were two items that really caught my attention.

First is this coral. From the post it is "zooxanthelate zoanthus living on a sponge". In the description they said these are extremely difficult to care for and usually die quickly. Has anyone seen one of these, or better yet, successfully kept one?


The second pic has nothing to do with a coral just an awesome system for phyto growing and delivery to the tank. The system is set up when one tube is depleted it switches to the other side allowing for the depleted side to grow new phyto using the bottom 2-3 inches of old phyto to grow the new chamber. They are dosed using auto top off or dosing pump, cant remember.


If memory serves me, I believe they had one of these about 2-3 months ago down at Ruff Waters. It is beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was thinking of growing my own photo plankton, I found Florida farms carries the culture kit. Any other suggestions where I could get the kit?

No Florida aqua farms is the best IMO. If u wan to save some $$ see if someone in Omaha has a start

Specialized system in which you could feed the proper micron foods while keeping water quality very high would be needed.

I say better admired in photos and left in the ocean, much like Dendronepthea and many NPS corals and sea fans.

those guys are pretty sweet looking, we see them on the lists all the time but from what I know they are nearly impossible to keep in the home aquaria.

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