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My tank 2 months into pressurized Co2


Looks like someone went up to NAS and nabbed the hair grass that was looking to go to seed...

Who did you go through for your Co2 components? I've been looking at greenleafaquariums.com and they seem to have some of the best regulators/bubble counters.

http://www.aquabuys.com/p/co2-combo-regulator-ph-controller.html is where i got my regulator and ph monitor. Bought the 5lb tank on ebay for around 60ish shipped, got it filled in Omaha at General Fire and Safety for 9.99. I got my reactor from http://www.aquabuys.com/p/ista-max-mix-co2-reactor-medium.html . I think total i was just at $300 for the initial setup. Have to get the c02 filled about every 4-5months, but im really pumping it into the tank. I think someone who isnt trying to farm plants could go over 6months easy off a 5lb tank.

And yes the hair grass did come from NAS, who in their right mind would pass it up looking the way it did. Honestly I bet 95% of the plants in my tank came from there, or a buddys tank that bought them there.

I had to pass on it since I've run out of room in my 29. I need to setup the 75 I have sitting around but If we lock down a house in the next few months, I dont wanna move that much water. Are you running your solenoid on the same timer for your lights or does that ph controller take care of everything so theres no issues at night?

What kind of ferts are you using? greenleafaquariums.com seems to have some really good dry ferts. What size is your tank, if your only needing a 5lb bottle of co2?

Yes the lights and the Co2 are on the same timer, so no Co2 at night. The controller is just to prevent any kind of end of tank dump from the Co2 bottle gettin low, and to make sure im not pumping to much into the tank. Cant remember where I got my dry ferts from right off hand. The tank is a 40breeder, but i have a buddy that runs a 125gallon tank off a 5lb bottle. Now granted he is not pushing anywhere near the amount of C02 that i am, but he still gets about 3 months out of his 5lb bottle. Ive heard good things about greenleafaquariums.com , so i wouldnt hesitate to buy from them.

What are dry ferts like to use? Im guessing a little goes a long way due to its more concentrated?
I liquid fertilize and add about 5+ml of seachems excel plus I use those 88g Co2 canisters from Fluval. My only complaint is the diffuser is a ceramic disc. It doesnt help that Ron gets in nice plants that always find room in my 29


Just remembered that I still have a bunch of dry ferts. Free for the first to PM me and can meet in Omaha.


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