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75 Gal Mixed Reef Tank Shots

Here are some pics I snapped of my tank today. As of the 19th of March it was 5 months old. I rearranged a few things after I took these. I will try to post some more up here tomorrow when everything has settled down again. This is my first tank, and its mostly softies and zoas, but maybe you guys can look at it and remember when you were first diving into this hobby... Enjoy!







looks nice! I see some holes you need to fill ๐Ÿ˜‰ deliberation on what to add?!?!?

Looks good nice tank

Yeah there are some holes needing to be filled... Right now I am simply biding my time before a venue change. In late May, to early June I will be moving into a new house, So I will be upgrading a lot of things. Including a new tank (probably a cube) as well as a new protein skimmer. So right now I am enjoying the softies and LPS's that I currently have. Thanks for the views!


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