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need an answer


Can you keep two seahorses and two orange clowns in the same tank my wife wanted horses lol and I don't know if I can have them together in my 30 gallon tank thanks


I know so little about seahorses. Just the slow eater thing that we all hear about. I would think that as long as you can keep feeding them they would be ok. Clowns usually leave their tankmates alone.

The lower waterflow required for the seahorses might create issues depending on if you want coral in the tank, and you would have to siphon the sandbed every now and then to grab detrius that wasn't pushed around by the low turnover rate as far as the flow goes.

I have never tried them, but alot of the feedback I've heard is similar to what TT has mentioned. In a bigger tank I would say that you'd be fine, but are you only thinking of clowns and sea horses? As TT says, the flow is the bigger issue. IMO, sea horses are nice animal for a single species tank like a biocube.

Ya just them in the 30 with the two clowns only corals in there is gsp and a Kenya tree I can turn the flow way down I just don't want to kill them right away and what do you feed them I know nothing about them

Check out this article from our friends over at advanced aquarist: [URL]http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2004/12/fish2[/URL]

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Sorry the only horses I know a bit about eat grass.Lol

I wouldn't have anything else in the tank but seahorses.

Ya knuckle head the only problem with that is you don't know anything lol jk :woohoo:

you need to feed the horses live food like brine shrimp. I dont know how they would do with the clowns have only has them alone

low water temp ( 70-72 ) is strongly recomended for keeping sea horses, which makes it difficult to keep in a reef tank. The reason is they are prone to catching pathogens and the cooler temp doesnt allow the pathogens to survive. Also for this reason you must throuroghly rinse any frozen food, esp. brine shrimp.


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