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Getting Starburst in check

Hey was wondering if anyone has ever kalked starburst to get rid of it. I have some growing up on some of my bottom rocks and working its way up, did not care before, but now with having some more frags and corals I am begining to worry about it smothering other stuff. I know it's about impossable to keep in check so just looking for suggestions. I usually just pull the rock and scrub, won't work in this case. Is there any actual demand for starburst frags? Just curious.


Lol yea its called give them away that's what I have done a few times clipped of a big chunk and gave it away lol


I would take a frag ;). Hot vinegar works on aiptasia...

Torch is a little out of the question, I have zero desire to reaquascape. If anyone wants to drive to Cozad I'll give them a frag for making the trip and talking fish for a bit. πŸ˜›
If there is any takers send me a PM. We'll start a dont break the chain or something similar!

If its past Lincoln im out πŸ˜†

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