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Zoa Care

I have zoas that are doing well, and covering a rock. There is one head or polyp (not sure which is correct) that has no coloring on it. It is a little bit bigger than most of them too. It has been this way for about four months. Do I cut it off? Not worry about it? Not sure, so your input would be great. Thanks.

can you get us a pic? might be a rogue zoa or paly. maybe you have a hybrid noone has ever seen before and you could get a bidding war between zoafreak and cbort! lol.

seriously, pop a pic on here so we can see what it is. from the description I would say it is a paly mixed in. it wont really hurt anything but to clean up your colony I would cut him out.

Maybe brown button polyp? Hard to tell without picture...

I would leave it alone

I hope they are clear enough.


Kill if off... I had some green polyps mixed with some green dragon eyes..kinda like that... yeah i wish i got that polyp off.

looks like a paly to me. Seafoam Paly? Anyway IMO it doesnt look good, cut it out, joes juice, zapper, whatever you need to do before it gets a chance to spread and hurt your colony.

Maybe you could try to frag it and grow that paly in another location?

yeah thats just a seafoam paly ....extremely common ...I would cut it out otherwise they will be sprouting up everywhere on that frag ..

lol now that I see the pix I would cut it out also it looks bad lol

Sea foam paly! Super common i would cut it out. I have some i would give you for free just to get it out of my tank. ๐Ÿ˜†

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