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knucklehead1976 negative buyer feedback

As many may know I broke down my system before xmas last year.
At that time I was parting with stuff very cheap and gave knucklehead1976 more than 50% of all my livestock and equipment on a loan.
I have still yet to be payed back the full amount. jason has tried to change the remaining amount into a trade and then he called it off on more than one instance.
jason has also told me on more than one ocasion that he would bring me the money and then never showed.

*edited to remove anything not related to the sale/trade/transaction.. Skipper

RJ, thanks for the heads up. He has been inquiring about my corals, I will hold off on any sales until this is resolved.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this for now. If the situation is resolved (through pm's), the OP can contact a mod to have the thread reopened so the resolution can be posted.

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I am going to unlock this and allow knucklehead1976 a chance to post his side if he wishes.

I still STRONGLY SUGGEST that the situation be resolved via pm's. I am going to monitor this thread. Any violations of the rules will be dealt with.

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This is a site for fun not drama, this is not the first time he has posted childish things. Let's keep this a fun place, and NO DRAMA. Deal w your problems personally.

dude i dont care anymore!!! keep my money and live with the karma bro.

Lol already boys its settled lol

Locked. Please keep all future communication regarding this transaction to PM.

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