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ReefGeek order

Going to be placing order at ReefGeek this week. Right now we have two Neptune EB8s ready for ordering so we already hit free shipping. Let me know if anyone needs new bulbs, etc and we will get some better pricing.

I will send the order to George Thursday eve and he will tally everything and let me know what the volume discount will be on top of what we already have.

I am in Lincoln. Shoot me a pm or txt.

I am interested in a uvl1005 And uvl1021 bulbs. Both are 96w pc lights.

So as of now I have three that are ordering.


We have easily cleared the free shipping mark. The more we add to the order the bigger the discount George will give us.

Will place the order asap on Friday morning so please let me know by Thursday evening.

What kind of discount are we looking at? I took a look at their website and now im contemplating a jr with breakout box, maybe two, one for each tank.

Right now it will be between 5-10% right now. Figure no tax and no ship as the other warm and fuzzies.

Are you talking about an Apex Jr or an AC Jr? Reason I ask is my AC Jr will be for sale when I get my Apex set up.

Apex. I have a acjr right now but I want newer for more expansion abilities

I'm talking with greg at reefkgeek right now to figure out what I need but I found that the apex is backwards compatable with the dc8s so I need to find out what I need to link them.

Keep in mind the apex jr doesn't have ph option.

I saw. Don't worry about me for this order. I figured out all I need for both tanks is close to a grand so im gonna save up a bit more and do it right all at once.

Tally time,

2 x EB8
2 x Jager TS 250 W heaters
1 x uvl1005 96W PC
1 x uvl1021 96W PC

If anyone else wants in just text me (on profile - additional info) or pm me. Will order tomorrow AM.

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