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opinion wet tile saw vs wet band saw

I am looking into buying a inland 100 wet band saw. I was looking for opinions on tile saw vs wet band saw. The disk on my tile saw takes a lot of the rock when you cut it. So I'm wondering if the band saw takes less rock or if it would be about the same? Anybody that has used either feel free to give your experience.

we used one the other night for cutting up a mushroom rock, and a plate coral. It makes a pretty clean cut, and its significantly thinner than a tile saw. It cut pretty quick, and was pretty easy to use. Are you going to be cutting up zoa rocks? If so, i'd definitely recommend the band saw rather than using the tile saw. My tile saw spits water EVERYWHERE, and if you caught a zoanthid on it, i'd hate to spray palytoxin everywhere ya know?

Definetly the band saw. We use one at the store and its great for fragging, you have a lot of control over what you are cutting. I can cut up an acan and never cut directly through a head as you can cut around the heads pretty easily. If you want to stop by some time, bring a frag and give it a run for yourself.

Although I have never used an inland band saw I do have quite a bit of woodworking experience. having said that you will have a lot more ability to make irregular cuts vs. locked into a straight cut due to the tile saw blade. Band saw all the way.

Thanks for all the help! Went ahead and got the wet band saw and it works great!! :woohoo:

Great to hear! So whatca frag?

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