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NewAgeReefs ForumsLast post
Welcome MatWe encourage new members to post a short introduction of themselves in this forum category. Get to know each other and share you common interests.155 Topics · 1,426 PostsLast post in Pely1975 by Eli Bennett1 year ago
Suggestion BoxHave some feedback and input to share? Don't be shy and drop us a note. We want to hear from you and strive to make our site better and more user friendly for our guests and members a like.42 Topics · 354 PostsLast post in Thought on a huge improvment for t … by Jason1 year ago
AnnouncementsGeneral announcements regarding the site/forum164 Topics · 1,364 PostsLast post in NAR CLUB MEMBER RENEWAL by GERRIT4 months ago
ReefNotesA legacy category of deeper hobby discussion.159 Topics · 966 PostsLast post in doudoune canada goose prix by VioletFred1 year ago
Photo of the WeekCheck out all the photos picked to be Photo of the Week and vote for the monthly winner!198 Topics · 713 PostsLast post in puma blaze pas cher by Edith Freeman2 years ago
Sustainable PracticesDiscussion for hobbyist responsibility, sustainability, and conservation.26 Topics · 123 PostsLast post in billig canada goose jakke dame by RalapGallacher1 year ago
General Interest ForumsLast post
New to the HobbyA place for noobie questions and discussions, we were all here at some point85 Topics · 983 PostsLast post in New 75 gallon by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
Reef DiscussionGeneral reef related discussions447 Topics · 3,196 PostsLast post in Jellyfish tank? by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
Reef ChemistryGeneral discussions regarding the chemistry surrounding reef tanks79 Topics · 642 PostsLast post in Sulfur Denitrator by Mike10 months ago
Do it YourselfA place to discuss those DIY projects 105 Topics · 904 PostsLast post in Aiptasia Zapper DIY. (Lots of Pic … by GERRIT6 months ago
Equipment - Lighting, Filtration, Etc.Discussions about all the equipment we use to keep reef tanks428 Topics · 3,542 PostsLast post in 75G Mix Reef Build by justin11 months ago
Tank Builds and ShowcaseDocument & show people your tank and your tank build!190 Topics · 5,532 PostsLast post in 600 Gallon Build by Trent1 month ago
Tank Moves and HintsQuestions and helpful hints about moving your tank14 Topics · 136 PostsLast post in NEED HELP MOVING REEF FROM BELLEVU … by Kevin L Gilmore3 years ago
Marine Fish ForumsLast post
Reef FishesDiscussions about the "reef safe" type fish181 Topics · 1,318 PostsLast post in white spotted pygmy filefish by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
Fish Only & Aggressive TanksA place to discuss the "non reef safe fish" and fish only tanks26 Topics · 232 PostsLast post in New Fish by GERRIT1 year ago
Seahorses & PipefishDiscussions concerning seahorses and pipefish6 Topics · 26 PostsLast post in Seahorse experience by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
Fish Disease & TreatmentDiscussion about fish diseases and how to treat them35 Topics · 274 PostsLast post in Marine Ich by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
Coral ForumsLast post
SPS KeepersDiscussions for those small polyp stony (SPS) corals45 Topics · 432 PostsLast post in SPS growout contest signup by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
LPS KeepersDiscussion for the large polyp stony (LPS) corals46 Topics · 332 PostsLast post in Hammer coral by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
ZoanthidsA place to discuss all those different zoanthids24 Topics · 556 PostsLast post in Pics of grow out frags by Eric Loehr3 years ago
Non-Photosynthetc CoralsA place to discuss non-photosynthetic corals7 Topics · 68 PostsLast post in NPS Keepers? by Mike4 years ago
Coral Propagation & AquacultureA place to discuss coral fragging and aquaculture 26 Topics · 171 PostsLast post in Growout Cometition pics 4/1-4/7 by Travis3 years ago
InvertsLast post
CephalopodsA place to discuss all those cephalopods14 Topics · 63 PostsLast post in Octopus tank by Trent1 year ago
Marine Plants & Macro algaeA place to discuss the different marine plants and macro algae 15 Topics · 127 PostsLast post in Where to get pods? by Steven Ehrlich4 years ago
Mantis & Other ShrimpA place to discuss all the different shrimps found on the reef19 Topics · 213 PostsLast post in hermit crabs keep dying? by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
AnemonesDiscussions and questions about anemones47 Topics · 290 PostsLast post in Anemone Obsession by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
Special Interest Group ForumsLast post
SCUBA / SnorkelingGeneral discussions about SCUBA diving and snorkeling12 Topics · 57 PostsLast post in Belize diving by Phil Bredehoft4 years ago
FreshwaterFreshwater discussions and topics28 Topics · 202 PostsLast post in Something different by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
EXPERIENCE MATTERSA place for unique or advanced questions where speculation just won6 Topics · 27 PostsLast post in What are you lacking? by Paul Ely12 months ago
Sponsor ForumsLast post
Ruff WatersRuff Waters 6102 Arbor Street, Omaha 402-871-7833 http://www.ruffwaters.com http://www.facebook.com/ruffwatersinc126 Topics · 228 PostsLast post in Super Saturday Finale - March 29 by scott ruff5 years ago
Nebraska Aquatic SupplyNebraska Aquatic Supply 4014 South 108th St. - Omaha, NE 402-934-8206 http://www.nebraskaaquatic.com/ 352 Topics · 1,284 PostsLast post in Hawiian Flame Wrasse Trio deal by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
Petland OmahaStore Closed25 Topics · 56 PostsLast post in Forum Locked by Skipper7 years ago
Aquapets3303 North 109th Plz Omaha, NE 68164 (402) 933-93952 Topics · 2 PostsLast post in black friday/ small business Satur … by joe4 years ago
Fish FreaksFish Freaks 10711 Mockingbird Dr. - Omaha, NE 402-934-8588 http://www.fishfreakscichlids.com/132 Topics · 248 PostsLast post in Tomorrow's Salty Order!! by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
The Fish StoreThe Fish Store 921 North 48th St., Lincoln, NE 402-466-7811 1 Topic · 4 PostsLast post in Sickening by Jaysen Vaughn7 years ago
Pets-R-Us OmahaPets-R-Us 10913 Elm Street Omaha, NE 681443 Topics · 18 PostsLast post in March Overflow Tank Deals by Dave Sipherd6 years ago
Petco AquaticsPetco 7110 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68132 (402)-551-088570 Topics · 121 PostsLast post in Aquatics Sale Oct 9-11! by Phil Bredehoft3 years ago
Pure AquariumsPure Aquariums 3520 Village Drive - Lincoln, NE 402-417-2872 www.pureaquariums.com16 Topics · 66 PostsLast post in Closing doors by Mike3 years ago
Rivers & ReefsRivers & Reefs 3303 N 109th Plaza - Omaha, NE 402-493-5268 https://www.facebook.com/riversandreefsomaha/2 Topics · 4 PostsLast post in Huge coral shipments! by Justin Wallin3 years ago
The Market PlaceLast post
For Sale/Trade - LivestockSell, Trade & Buy corals, fish and other livestock here79 Topics · 459 PostsLast post in All selling will be through classi … by Deleted user, 8 years ago
Used Equipment & Dry goods SellingSell, trade and buy used equipment here62 Topics · 203 PostsLast post in All selling is now done via the cl … by Deleted user, 8 years ago
Want to BuyLooking for something that you need, post it here. 0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
No topics yet!
Group BuysArrange dry-goods group buys here. All group buys are between the individual members and not the responsibility of NewAgeReegs.com. Group buys for livestock are not allowed to be organized on New Age Reefs.33 Topics · 325 PostsLast post in Reefpods Copepods Order by Danish Bhatti5 years ago
Online Vender FeedbackA place to discuss online venders, good and bad18 Topics · 130 PostsLast post in Ecotech Marine customer service ๐Ÿ™‚ by Kevin3 years ago
Buyer / Seller FeedbackA forum for discussing your buy/sell experience. *make sure to keep all posts civil and within the rules of the site*24 Topics · 116 PostsLast post in Jdiefenbaugh - wonderful service by Jason Diefenbaugh5 years ago
Lfs News and ReviewsHave a LFS you want to mention? Do it here! PLEASE REMEMBER - there is no commercial selling on the forums! If you have questions for a LFS about their post PM them 44 Topics · 289 PostsLast post in Aquapets has a new owner by jeff gagne3 years ago
Non-aquarium related items for saleAny items posted to this category will have to have moderator approval, and will not appear until approval has been given.3 Topics · 4 PostsLast post in ORDER HIGH QUALITY ORIGINAL DRIVIN … by bless jrodan 3 years ago
For Sale/Trade - LivestockA place to post your livestock (fish, coral, inverts) that you would like to sell or trade. This is for private sales only - no commercial sales allowed.0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
No topics yet!
Aquarium related for sale, trade, and want to buy itemsA place to post your aquarium equipment that you would like to sell or trade. Private sales only - no commercial sales.504 Topics · 2,020 PostsLast post in Pukani Live Rock by Matt Pflueger4 months ago
Club CornerLast post
AnnouncementsAny club events to advertise, post them here!0 Topics · 0 PostsNo topics yet!
No topics yet!
Off TopicLast post
The FugeA place for all those non-reef related discussions242 Topics · 1,524 PostsLast post in Omaha Police Brutality by Alan Hempfling, Jr.11 months ago
TestTest your profile here3 Topics · 11 PostsLast post in NEW SITE by admin6 months ago
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